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Hello everyone!

I’m Ben Marks, Magento’s chief Evangelist, and I have some very good news about education for developers who are interested in Magento 2: the tl;dr is that we are offering several Magento U courses for free during December and January. Read on for background & details, or sign up here!

In 2008 I started my Magento development career as employee #1 at Blue Acorn (thanks Kevin!). Back then there were no formal training tools from Magento, and there was scant information available online outside of IRC and the blogs from Inchoo and Alan Storm. In fact, in those early days Google would even autocorrect “magento” to “magneto”!

This all changed forever In 2011 when Varien (the company that would become Magento Inc.) charted the Magento U department and created the first official Magento curriculum, Fundamentals of Magento Development. I was given an offer to teach the initial course alongside my friend and mentor Vinai Kopp. After more than 1500 hours of in-person training as well as hundreds of events attended I’ve personally seen our training have a life-changing impact for hundreds of developers. I’m anecdotally aware of similar effects for the thousands of developers around the world who watched the on-demand version of this training. These experiences have given me a deep appreciation for the power and effectiveness of our developer education. Put succinctly, our enablement of developers is us doing our absolute best for our ecosystem.

Because of my experiences I believe in and advocate for broad & affordable education as a way to empower more developers to do well in the world of Magento. Whereas the success of Magento is closely tied to the abilities of our developers, we are shaking things up in Magento U. For the second time in its history, Magento U is offering online training for free – you need only register to take advantage of it. Right now, you can get the following four courses for free during December and January:

I encourage every developer to avail him or herself of this opportunity.

For those of you who take advantage of our free training, I’m asking you to let me know what you think of the curricula, the materials, as well as any success or issues you have following along. Your feedback will help us to refactor existing courses, to build new courses, and to improve our overall product.

In 2017 you can look forward to more education innovation in the form of new courses, new delivery mechanisms, as well as Magento 2-focused certifications. As always, your ideas & feedback are a crucial part of our success, so please feel free to share with us early & often.

10 thoughts on “Free Magento 2 On-Demand Courses”

  1. Hi Ben,

    I want to download the videos for offline reference. But there are no options to download. Do you have any idea about this?


  2. Darn, I missed it 🙁
    I was looking forward to doing these before making a new M2 store.

    Any chance of it being free again soon?


  3. Hi Ben,

    Do you reckon that special offer on courses will ever be repeated? I’ve just started as a BA and I’ve heard how good this training is.


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