Innovations in the Magento Ecosystem

Hi! It’s MagentoLive UK 2017, and I’ve just delivered a presentation on innovation in the Magento ecosystem (video available soon), and I wanted to say a word or three about it here on my blog.

Our developer community is no stranger to ingenuity, and at Magento we work tirelessly to produce world-class functionality and a platform which places enables the community’s innovative spirit. And wow, do you all create some amazing things atop the Magento platform. For example, see the integration which was built during a hackathon, or see Meanbee’s Alexa skill to find a Magento order status.

While my travels give me broad exposure to much of the novel & interesting projects out there, I’m aware that many more things are being created than I am aware of. I’m therefore making a request of you all: show me your creations. Tell me about your future-forward projects which blend Magento and other tech, apply Magento in novel ways, or… whatever feels novel & inspiring. Bonus points for open source projects, though it’s not a requirement.

You can send project/site links & descriptions to me at

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