Magento 2 Developer Release Candidate

What is the Magento 2 “Developer Release Candidate”?

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The Magento 2 Dev Release Candidate (RC) is one of the development milestones which we announced almost a year ago at Imagine 2014 along with the Magento 2 Developer Beta and Merchant Beta. Dev RC represents the following:

  • A completed platform architecture in which there will likely be no major architectural shifts between now and the general release in Q4 of 2015
  • Incorporation of feedback from the awesome Developer Beta participants around the world (including feedback from two separate in-person developer forums with participants from four continents)
  • On-time completion of the Developer Beta period

As an interested developer, what should I do now?

If you are already involved in the discussions on GitHub, Twitter, email, etc. please continue to play with each release and provide your feedback, features, and fixes! If you aren’t, well… time’s a-wasting! The production versions of Magento 2 will be released this year. There is no better time than right now to install Magento 2, explore the improved architecture, and even contribute to the codebase. That’s right; just because the Dev RC is here doesn’t mean that we no longer need developer feedback. In fact, we expect to receive more feedback, because now is the time to start porting Magento 1.x extensions and custom code. Doing this will put you ahead of the curve for when Magento 2 becomes generally available (GA), and it may even result in you helping to improve the Magento 2 core.

What is Magento doing between now and Merchant Beta?

The developer community doesn’t get to have all the fun! Now we (Magento) get focus on porting our own code into the Magento 2 idiom, much as we did for the Magento_Customer module for Developer Beta. In addition to this, we will continue to incorporate community feedback and contributions, and we’ll be spending a substantial amount of time on performance enhancements – something which will proceed up to and after GA. Prior to GA expect to see new, exciting changes to checkout and admin UX.

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