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Magento 2 offers many improvements to how we as developers will build, customize, and deploy eCommerce sites. It features a modernized architecture including improved modularity, improved testability, and enhanced scalability. One of the most significant improvements regarding Magento 2 is the way in which it is being developed, via direct collaboration and contribution with the Magento community on GitHub. While we’ve always relied on the community’s input when working on our application, this new era of collaboration has allowed us to:
  • be more transparent in our development approach and design decisions
  • incorporate more community knowledge and opinion in our codebase
  • accept & acknowledge more community-contributed code more quickly than ever before
We know from the feedback that collaboration via GitHub has been well-received, and we’re looking to expand on this. We are looking for a few developers who can commit around three hours per week to help us triage the comments, suggestions, and issues being reported. The participants will be made members of the Magento 2 repository on GitHub and will be educated by the core team on how to process community contributions.
If you are interested in this and can commit to help us make Magento 2 even better, please send me an email at

6 thoughts on “Magento 2 GitHub Community Team”

  1. Ben,

    I had shot you a note a while back volunteering to assist with issue triage and I know you must be incredibly busy so I figured I’d follow up here just to see if you needed any more info.

    Dropping a few more contact links below, we’ve been messaging on twitter ( @beejhuff & @comitdevelopers ) but feel free to reach out at any of the following:



    Magento Stack Exchange:

    Magento Community:


    Or directly via email bj [a]

  2. Part of this might have to do with the fact that Magento is part of eBay and its Enterprise Processes . But when you are commiting yourself to an open source project, communication with developers should entail more than letting the team know about issues. Platform developers

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