Magento 2 Issues Up For Grabs!

The doors on the Mighty Orange Towers continue to open up. You’ll notice a new tag at the Magento 2 repo on GitHub: up for grabsThis tag is Magento’s marker for tasks with which we want community help! (Teaser: this is part of a bigger initiative around community collaboration, but more on that later.)

There are currently three issues marked as “up for grabs”:

So, check ’em out (ha!) and get cracking. If you are planning on working on any of these issues, it might be wise to drop a comment on the issue’s discussion thread to coordinate with other community members. No need to duplicate efforts!

By the way: the up for grabs tag connects the Magento 2 repo with, a great initiative by Keith Dahlby (@dahlbyk) to encourage involvement of the open source community with open source projects. Give it a look, it’s a great idea!

– benmarks

5 thoughts on “Magento 2 Issues Up For Grabs!”

  1. Hello Ben,

    Since i started working in Magento 2, i have faced number of technical issues which actually creating problems while development. Even i have posted them on Magento forum but not got satisfactory answers. therefore i am posting some here to get it clarified:
    1) I have following scenario in which Grunt is not able to compile multiple LESS file:

    I have created a new theme and to override its default variables i have created theme.less which works fine while compiling with Grunt.
    But when i am creating a custom LESS file and importing it in theme.less either custom.less or theme.less is working. Both LESS files are not working together.

    2) I am using Grunt to compile LESS files but Grunt Watch is causing javascript error as All the default and custom javascript is not working.

    Mukesh Indurkar

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