Magento Ups its CMS Game

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On one of my first trips of 2016 I spoke at the London Magento Meetup. While I was there I was invited to see a demo of Bluefoot CMS. Despite having a 39.5º fever, I knew I was looking at one of the best CMS extensions for Magento that I’ve ever seen: new content concepts, page building capability, excellent UX… there’s a lot on offer with it.

Recognizing the increasing importance of content in commerce, I’m thrilled to announce that – at the recommendation of our Head of Product Paul Boisvert and with the direction of my Strategy & Growth colleague Peter Sheldon – Magento has acquired the technology behind Bluefoot CMS and will be integrating it into our platform in 2017.

We know that our users will have several questions such as which features will be implemented for Enterprise Edition and Community Edition. A preliminary guide with some answers can be found at the announcement post on our official blog. You can post comments and questions to me here, which I will answer as best I can. Also, we are mapping out a number of improvements for content management in 2017. I am representing the ecosystem’s interests during this process, and will share this part of the roadmap as soon as we have more details.

I’m excited for Magento in 2017. As always we have a lot going on and are looking forward to moving the world of commerce ever forward with the help and support of our community.

5 thoughts on “Magento Ups its CMS Game”

  1. I really hope that this will be also available in the ce since cms capabilities are often the key drawback when deciding if to use the magento platform or not; even for smaller merchants which still might have a lot of content.

    1. Agreed with you. My agency has had so many headaches about getting a proper blog to work – WordPress & Fishpig is great but it is WAY too much grief to maintain and very confusing for our clients.

      To be honest, as long as the blog functionality is there, i’m happy 🙂

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