New Magento Forums Online!

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The best aspect of the thriving Magento ecosystem of merchants, developers, partners and freelancers is the incredible collaboration and sharing of ideas and experiences from around the world. The Magento Forum has been an important gathering place and resource for the community, but it has not kept pace with our demands, particularly around controlling spam. We’ve implemented a fabulous new technology and we are pleased to report that we are launching a new Magento forum today; open to all users globally, with the following new functionality:

Open Community

The newly launched Magento forum is an open, free-form community that includes members with wide-ranging technical skill levels and broad regional/global eCommerce experiences. Any merchant, small or large, or any developer, junior or experienced, can connect with the diverse Magento user base to share ideas, get support, and learn from other’s experiences. While other options such as StackExchange continue to be good sources of technical information, this new forum is the only Magento-managed community resource, which serves merchants and developers alike.

Enhanced Features

Accessing the new forum is easy, as it is seamlessly integrated with your account. The new forum features dedicated spam fighting tools and is monitored by experienced moderators. Enhanced features such as the ability to vote on answers as well as to choose one “accepted solution” for a given question will help forum members find the best solutions now and in the future. There are also several sub-forums dedicated to non-English languages, which ensures that this is a great resource for regional and global eCommerce information.

Community Contribution

While this forum is a great resource for all Magento users to share their experiences and support each other, the success of the forum depends on active participation from the community. It is your opportunity to give back to the community and share your expertise and insights.

Join the forum today and contribute to the dynamic community that is Magento!

On a personal note, I’d like to recognize the tremendous effort of Piotr Kaminski (@piotrekkaminski). In addition to his product management duties, Piotr coordinated with several teams internally and externally over several months to bring the new, improved Magento forums online. It’s a privilege to work with someone like Piotr who embodies the best of the Magento community and works so hard for the benefit of all.

2 thoughts on “New Magento Forums Online!”

  1. hi sir,
    i really hope you can help me out on this error.
    i had installed an extention by magento connect. the installation i did by the extention key . when it finished all was succesfully. then i logged out and back to my backend then i got this error .

    There has been an error processing your request
    Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.

    Error log record number: 1422708808397
    so now i can’t enter my backend or front end of my webshop.
    i am running magento version.
    can you pls pls pls help me out on this?
    Sandy Atherly from The Netherlands

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