Next Chapter

Dear friends, family, and colleagues,

Magento remains a force that empowers merchants to build the experiences their customers need. This was its origin story as a disrupter, and this remains its strength today as part of a suite of customer experience tools. All along the way have been the contributors – developers, agencies, tech vendors, and merchants who have pushed, poked, and prodded us and the market ever forward.

I believe I am one of the most fortunate people in the Magento ecosystem. First an awkward cover letter to Kevin Eichelberger in 2008 has taken me millions of miles to hundreds of stages and – most significantly – thousands of handshakes, hugs, and conversations. It has been an honor to share in so many trials and successes from this community.

While I’ve tried to give back however I can, I could never hope to fully repay the kindness, consideration, and trust that I’ve received through the years. But I think that’s the magic of communities, and especially open source communities – in coming together around a common goal, we somehow defy universal law and build something bigger than all of us.

After almost seven years as part of the Magento/Adobe team, today is my last day, as I look to the next chapter of this delightful, unexpected commerce journey. I will still be around (does anyone even know where the exit door is??) – I wish you all continued success, and I hope to see many of you again as fortunes permit.

All the best,

One thought on “Next Chapter”

  1. You’ve done much for Magento and the ecosystem. From your M1 developer videos back in the day to spreading the good news about Magento all over the world, your efforts have helped elevate developers and merchants across the world, including myself. Whoever you’re working with next is lucky to have you.

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