Ten Years of Magento GA

Today, I awoke to many of my friends & colleagues marking the tenth anniversary of Magento 1’s general availability:


A rarity for me, I get to celebrate this milestone from my home on Isle of Palms, South Carolina, USA. (To non-native English speakers: one lives “on” an island as opposed to “in” a town.) With spring finally starting to poke its head out from under the clouds of winter and a need to get some #BigDamJourney movement in my bones, I headed out this morning for a walk on the beach, and the thoughts just came pouring into my brain.

What struck me today as I made my way down the beach was, once again, just how amazing this whole Magento thing has been for me and for so many people, families, and businesses. Ten years ago I left a dead-end job became employee #1 at Blue Acorn, starting #MyMagentoJourney, totally humbled and lost, which would lead me to the #magento IRC channel on Freenode and to a cast of characters I still know to this day (h/t to jos, vinai, alan, impi, and so many others for all of your help). Just over two years later I was at the Magento HQ in Culver City, California teaching Magento developers (well, learning to teach thanks to my mentor Vinai).

Fast forward a few years, dozens of countries, 1.6 million air miles, and thousands of Magento handshakes & conversations later, I remain in awe of what Roy, Yoav, their families, and their team created, and what our leader Mark and our team work towards everyday.

Magento is a market-making, life-changing force. It is a source of opportunities worldwide. It is a fabric woven from the intentions and interactions of all of us who have made Magento what it’s been, what it is today, and what it will be tomorrow.

I am filled with gratitude for what Magento has enabled and the people that it has brought together. I couldn’t be more honored to be a part of this world of commerce and connectedness. I hope each of you will take time to reflect on how ten years of Magento has shaped your lives, and that you will share your stories with each other.

Here’s to you and cheers to us all for an ever-brightening future.

– Ben

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